Nick Schiwy

IT Consultant

Nick Schiwy

IT Consultant



March 20, 2018 The iPhone X: 4 Months Later

For some reason, after all this time, Verizon is still willing to send me toys to play with. Most recently…

May 2, 2017 Google Home is another robot that lets you stay in bed longer

There are two kinds of people in this world: those that already have a personal robot assistant in their house…

November 12, 2016 iPhone 7: Truly, The Best iPhone Yet

Every year a new iPhone comes out and every year I have taken a hard pass. Really, it’s had mostly…

October 23, 2015 The Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Review: Just As Many Features As There Are Words In The Name

The Galaxy Note 5 has now been available for about two months. How does it stand up against the other 2015 flagships? How about that S-Pen?