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Nuvyyo, Tablo Creators, Want To Give ISPs The Power Of OTA TV

June 10, 2015 News

According to a survey done by Hollywood Reporter, 2.9 percent of people (5 percent of people aged 24-34) are planning to cancel their cable subscription this year in favor of internet-based alternatives. Nuvyyo, the folks that created the Tablo OTA DVR, have taken this as a signal and they’re pouncing on their opportunity to bring their product to the masses.

Nuvyyo’s Plan

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Nuvyyo is taking this shift by the horns by offering internet service providers (ISPs) the ability to offer over-the-air (OTA) live television to their subscribers using the Tablo infrastructure. The idea would be that ISPs would offer to install a Tablo in the customer’s home during the time of internet installation and Nuvyyo will allow the ISP to accept payment on behalf of them so that the customer only has one bill to worry about. The cost to the customer is still far cheaper than paying for cable television and the ISP gets to offer another service with little cost to them, it’s win-win!

Since my original review of Tablo last year, the stability has gotten much better and I find I’m using it far more than I used to. The Amazon Fire TV app is nearly flawless. For power users, there are also tools available for pulling the content off of the Tablo DVR so you can save space on its hard drive and serve it from a different media server such as Plex (a very good free service, I might add).

The full press release is below:

[td_quote]Building upon the successful launch of the Tablo Over-The-Air (OTA) DVR in the consumer space, Nuvyyo is expanding its market focus to include regional broadband operators seeking an easy-to-deploy multi-screen video offering for their internet customers. By simply setting up a digital antenna, Tablo OTA DVR and streaming device during customer installations, ISPs can capture free OTA HDTV signals and provide live and recorded broadcast TV network programming to customers as a complement to existing internet and VoIP services. As part of this solution, Nuvyyo will also provide ISPs with turnkey Tablo management servers and billing APIs.

“Tablo uses our customer’s home WiFi network to deliver video content from HDTV antennas to TVs, tablets and mobile devices throughout the home,” said Travis Carter, VP Technology at US Internet, a Minnetonka, Minnesota-based ISP currently trialing the Tablo OTA DVR solution. “A major advantage over bandwidth-intensive internet-based video streaming options, this architecture also scales easily to an unlimited number of our FTTH customers with minimal effort and upfront costs.”

“Rising costs for bloated cable TV contracts and customer service woes are leading consumers to abandon major cable providers,” said Grant Hall, CEO at Nuvyyo. “Regional ISPs have a unique opportunity to acquire these customers if they are able to offer an attractive blend of internet, voice and video services at a competitive price point. We believe our HDTV solution enabled by Tablo OTA DVR technology helps them achieve this.”

In addition to a unique whole-home approach to delivering live and recorded Over-the-Air HDTV content, Tablo’s app ecosystem provides a beautiful and straightforward Netflix-style interface. Browsing, setting recordings and playback controls are intuitively organized on smartphones, tablets, PC/Mac as well as through HDMI streaming devices including Roku, Amazon Fire TV and Android TV.[/td_quote]

Source: Nuvyyo – TabloTV
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