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[Smart All Of The Thingz] Luzi, “World’s Smartest Sleep Lamp” Launches On Indiegogo

June 25, 2015 Alternative Tech

We have smart phones, smart watches, and smart earrings, why not a smart lamp? We have had the clapper for as long as I can remember, so the logical next step is to talk to your lamp to turn it on. Luzi can apparently do that and a lot more.

What Is Luzi?

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Luzi is a “smart lamp” designed to be the one-stop hub for everything that you need on your night stand. It has 4 USB-ports, an Apple Watch charging station, and an optional wireless charging base that will support both PMA and Qi wireless charging standards. It also has a personalizable touchscreen display with various choices for clock looks to fit to your liking.

They don’t mention what kind of screen it uses, but it appears as though it is some sort of LCD display because they include an ambient light sensor to control the brightness of the display. If you want to set an alarm, all you need to do is tell Luzi, change the lighting, just tell Luzi, go to sleep, just tell Luzi. The video makes Luzi seem very conversational, but I can’t imagine that it isn’t a dramatization.

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In addition to all of that, the big selling point for Luzi is that it is supposed to help you sleep better. They use patented technology to emit light and sound that make an environment more conducive to sleeping. It uses the microphone to listen for snoring as well and can react accordingly. They also have plans to support both Apple Fit and Google Fit platforms for syncing your health data to your preferred health cloud.

luzi features

If that wasn’t enough, if Luzi is going to talk to you and emit sleep-friendly sounds, it needs to have speakers. High-quality speakers according to their Indiegogo page, so they figured why not add a Bluetooth antenna to it and make Luzi a music player as well? Like I said before, this thing is designed to be everything you need on the nightstand.

luzi features 2

Of course, this is an crowd-funding campaign, so appropriate caution should be taken but I trust the people who reached out to me about this product. According to their schedule, they plan on finally shipping the Luzi in March of next year, which is pretty standard for these types of projects.

luzi timeline

Funding options start at $269, but they are limited to 100 backers for that tier so if this project sounds amazing to you, make sure you get over there quickly. The good news is that they’re only asking for $50,000 and they’re already one-third of the way there after two days.

I spoke with them earlier this week and I may be able to get a prototype for review so be on the lookout for that as well. What are your thoughts on Luzi? Do you think that we need to calm down with the whole smart home initiative or the more smart things the better? Tell us all of that and more in the comment section below.

Source: Indiegogo
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