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[CES 2015] PERI Duo Is A Very Unique Case For Your iPhone

January 23, 2015 CES2015

We saw a lot of really cool things at CES, this year. You’ll continue to see stuff from CES, be it just things we saw or things we’ll review, trickle out for the next couple of months! One of the most unique things I saw, in addition to the Brio Safe outlet, was the PERI Duo phone case.

What Is PERI Duo?

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Like I mentioned in the Brio article, there are a lot of things at CES and among those things are more phone cases than you would ever know what to do with, so rising above the crowd is a challenge. This year, however, PERI reached out to me before the show and I agreed to meet with them. What I got to see was fairly impressive.

PERI Duo Gold

The PERI Duo is a case that encloses a 2500mAh battery with Bluetooth connectivity and two huge stereo drivers on the back. If you’re a fan of Boom Sound from HTC and you happen to have an iPhone 5/5s/5c/6, this will be the perfect product for you. In addition to its expected Bluetooth connectivity, it also has WiFi connectivity, though probably not for reasons you’re thinking. The WiFi connectivity is for connecting to other PERIs so you can share your music with your friends and make a concert out of a gathering.



Of course the battery inside the case would be a bit of an overkill if all it did was power the speakers and the other internals, so it also plugs into the bottom of your phone to provide more than an entire extra charge to your day. According to their statistics, that can also be 12-17 hours of talk time through the device or 4-6 hours of continuous playback. All of this for the very affordable price of $99.

PERI Duo: Rhymesayers Edition

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In case you aren’t aware, Rhymesayers is an independent hip hop label based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota with hosts of artists, mostly native Minnesotans, but also the home of some nationally recognized artists including Freeway, Jake One, Evidence, and MF DOOM.

Rhymesayers helped PERI design a custom PERI Duo case with their signature flair, giving it a designer style that makes it even more irresistible. But don’t just take my word for it, though you should, take a look at it for yourself.

PERI Rhymesayers

Where Can I Get One Of These Wonderful Toys?

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You might be thinking to yourself at this point, “I’m sold! Shut up and take my money!” Well, it would seem that they’re trying to, but PERI is actually a startup, much like many of the companies at CES and they are currently holding “pre-orders” via Indiegogo. The campaign started long before CES and the last day to contribute and make their project a success is is February 6th. As of this writing, they have reached $92,000 to their goal of $100,000, so it would seem that given a little push toward the end, they should have their project funded with no problem.

Check out PERI’s Indiegogo video to see it in action, in case you needed more convincing, and then head over to their Indiegogo page and tell them to shut up and take your money.

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Indiegogo: PERI Duo
Website: myPERI 
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