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Tablift Tablet Stand For Bed Makes Reading More Comfortable

August 26, 2014 Accessories, Mobile

Odds are, if you own a tablet, you use it when you’re lying in bed or sitting on the couch, or in your favorite chair. I’m no psychic, according to studies, most people use their tablets peaking at around 9pm, when a lot of adults are getting into bed or heading in that direction. Tablift is a product that I got to check out at CES earlier this year and they make using your tablet in these key locations a little easier!

A few weeks ago, I was sent a Tablift to review so I went ahead and put it through the ropes. Just like everyone else, my Tablift got all of its use while I was lying in bed.

Tablift Bed

The Tablift has 3 positions that you can use it in: sitting, reclining, and lying down; and each of the slots in the Tablift reflect those different positions. If you’re sitting with the Tablift over your lap you use the one in the back that tilts your device upwards toward you, if you’re reclining you use the one that doesn’t tilt it at all, and the third tilts the device downward toward you while you’re lying in bed.

tablift slots

In the former two positions, you usually won’t need to use the bungee and you can just tuck it into the body of the stand, but with the latter using a larger tablet like a Nexus 10 or an iPad, you will almost definitely need to use the bungee to prevent the tablet from falling onto your face. This is, of course, just a fact of gravity, and nothing you can blame the stand for – at least the bungee is there to save the day!

The Good

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As advertised, the Tablift was fantastic for using my Nexus 7 or Nexus 10 while I was lying in bed. I was even able to use my Nexus 7 with the official case from Google. With the Nexus 7, I didn’t even need the bungee that would usually hook over the top.

With my Nexus 10, I wasn’t able to use the Tablift without the bungee and I had to take my case off to use it. However, in the case of both my Nexus 7 and my Nexus 10, I found the Tablift to be incredibly convenient so I didn’t have to hold the tablet up for extended periods of time.

Normally when I’m using my tablet in bed, my arms will eventually get sore and I have to roll over to find a new position that is comfortable to keep using my tab. With Tablift, that never becomes a problem. It’s especially great for watching Netflix or YouTube, since neither of which require any interaction like does surfing the web or playing games.

I found that the Tablift was an excellent accessory to have around, especially if you’re someone who often watches movies or TV shows or reads books on your tablet while you’re lying in bed.

When you’re not using it, thanks to the flexible legs, it’s very easy to store in a fairly compact place and can easily fit into a bag if you want to take it with you when you go on vacation or anywhere else it might be useful to you.

The Not So Good

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As previously mentioned and advertised, you can’t use tablets with the cases on them. The Nexus 7 with the official Google case is an exception to that rule, but even it only works in one orientation.

I found the fact that it can’t be used with cases to be a bit of a hassle, because I want to keep my devices protected, so I have to take it out of the case whenever I want to use the Tablift and put it back in the case when I’m done. It isn’t something that would prevent you from wanting to use the Tablift at first, but over time you will get tired of taking the tablet out of its case, and just completely forgo the Tablift.

Tablift Overall Conclusions

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tablift final

The Tablift is really cool, and very nice for people that use their tablets in bed. I found it to be far more comfortable to put my tablet into the Tablift than to have to hold it over my head and have my arms eventually fall asleep and need to constantly change positions to stay comfortable.

That said, taking your tablet out of its case to use the Tablift will eventually make you become complacent and the Tablift will find itself gathering dust in the corner of your room.

For the price of $59.95, I don’t find it to be outrageous but over time you might find yourself with buyer’s remorse when you become complacent from having to take your case off every time you use it. If you have naked tablets in your house, you may never have to worry about that and the Tablift may be perfect for you!

Website: Tablift Tablet Stand
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