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The End Of The Beginning

October 30, 2015 Blog
The End Of The Beginning

I regret to report today that TechDissected as you may know it; as I know it, is coming to an end. It came as fairly abrupt news when I first heard about it yesterday morning. Suddenly I was no longer employed at a tech blog.

It’s really been a hell of a journey since I first started at Android Dissected (as it was known back then). I know for a fact that I am the writer that I am today; the person I am today because of the time that I’ve spent working with Cliff and his crew of bandits and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

In December 2012 was when I first became interested in writing as a hobby. I know this because I had immediately applied to some of the Android blogs that I knew of at the time and all of them turned me down, even Android Dissected. Following the rejection I decided that I would embark on my own journey, starting my own tech blog that I called “Techorse.” It rose from the ashes of a former college assignment (as did my Twitter account, for the same class).

With my work on Techorse I actually learned a lot as a writer. Before I knew it, my posts were actually receiving a lot of views (the last one I wrote has over 1000 views at this point) and I decided that I had earned the right to try again with the other blogs. Cliff doesn’t remember rejecting me the first time around, but on my second attempt he excitedly hired me on the spot.

Since then I have had the chance to work with and meet a lot of really cool people – a couple of them I even spent 8 hours round-trip driving from our hotel in downtown Las Vegas out to the Grand Canyon (only to spend about 20-30 minutes at the Canyon itself, which was honestly my fault).

Here I am, now countless articles, hundreds of thousands of words, and 2 trips to Vegas later, and it’s all coming to an end. I titled this post “The End Of The Beginning” because although this chapter is ending, I sincerely hope that the experience and skills that I cultivated over the last two years will help to open doors to the next chapter of my life. I also wish the best of luck to my comrades at TechDissected and thank them for having come into my life and made me who I am today.

TeD Goodbye

Farewell, old friend.

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