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ChargeCard By Nomad Is An Excellent Addition To Your Gigantic Wallet

March 15, 2014 Chargers And Cables, Reviews

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We all have our smartphones everywhere we go. It’s the nature of our ever-increasing dependence on them to be in constant communication with the outside world. Eventually you’re bound to end up stranded with a battery hanging on for dear life. I told you last week that my Sony Smartwatch 2 was helping to get me to that point each day, so I can totally relate with that problem. How do most of us deal with that problem, tote around a whole USB cable and AC adapter? I suppose that’s an option if you’re dragging around a whole bag full of things but you wouldn’t normally catch me hauling around a USB cable “just in case.”


Fun Facts About Chargecard

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•  ChargeCard is the world’s thinnest, most portable USB cable (Thickness of 2 credit cards).

•  ChargeCard Allows for charging from any USB port (works just like your standard Micro-USB cable) and full data transfer when connected to a computer.

•  ChargeCard is made with high grade plastics from Bayer (Germany) and GLS (USA).

•  Tapered edges on the ChargeCard inspired by stealth fighter jets allow it to fit into the tightest wallets.

•  ChargeCard only costs  to free yourself of cables when you’re on the go.

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Real Life Experience

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Like I said before, the ChargeCard is everywhere that I am because even with everything else I keep in my wallet, it fits like it’s not even in there.

Whenever I need it, it’s there and ready to go and thanks to the high quality plastics, I’m not worried about it breaking or anything when I twist the cable around to accommodate my awkward setup.

With that being said, I find it a little bit impractical simply because it doesn’t come with any kind of AC adapter and it’s so short. If you have a computer with you to plug into or if where you work/live there are lots of places with USB ports to plug into, it is probably a great thing to have around. It’s also probably nice when you’re in a pinch and you need to transfer data from your phone to your computer when you’re on the go.

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ChargeCard And Computer

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ChargeCard Charging


Don’t take my slight negativity to mean that I don’t like it. I’ve still found it to be incredibly convenient for when I need a quick bit of juice when I’m at work, since I am around computers all day but never have anything but the things in my pockets with me. If you’re going to use it to connect to your laptop I highly recommend installing ASUS USB Charger+ so you can actually charge your phone rather than put it on life support.

Website: Nomad
Google+: Nomad
Twitter: Nomad


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