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Tylt Watch Band For Moto 360 Should Come Standard

June 15, 2015 Accessories

One of the major selling points for Android Wear is that it will replace your fitness tracker and give you notifications and other fantastic features to boot. Why is it, then, that they all come with “genuine leather” wristbands? You’re not even supposed to get leather wet, yet the Moto 360 is IP67 rated for water and dust resistance. In essence, it makes no sense but luckily there is a solution. There is a TYLT watch band made of silicon that is here to save the day.

Not Your Average TYLT Product

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As you’re probably aware, this isn’t what you would normally think of when you hear the name TYLT. Generally, they make phone accessories, usually having to do with charging in one form or another. My personal favorite is the TYLT VÜ, their tilted Qi wireless charger that is amazing at its job. Sadly, I don’t currently carry a phone that’s compatible with the Qi wireless standard, so mine is currently collecting dust on a shelf.

In any case, TYLT must have thought the same thing that I did when they saw the Moto 360. Why doesn’t the band match the watch? That’s why they created the TYLT Watch band for Moto 360.

Tylt Watch Band

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Like most of their products, the TYLT watch band is made of silicone with a stainless steel buckle and clasp, and a ripple effect on the actual band. For me the ripple is a bit unattractive, but so much so that I wouldn’t wear it on a date. I definitely wouldn’t wear it with a nice suit, though.

Installation is fairly simple, it took me about 5 minutes and they provide you with all of the tools you need including replacement pins in case you spring one (or two) across the room when you take them out.

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In terms of comfortability, I would say that it is pretty much the same as the stock band. If you wear it too tightly, it’s going to be uncomfortable so giving yourself an extra adjustment hole of breathing room is probably the way to go.

Obviously, the main appeal for something like this is that it repels water, like the watch itself, so you can wear it when you exercise. When I wore the stock leather band at the gym it would inevitably get stuck to my arm and then when I took it off when I got home it would be all wet and even when I got back out of the shower and put it back on it would still feel eerily cold and gross.

Because of all that I was really looking forward to trying out the TYLT watch band and for the most part, it didn’t disappoint. It still seemed to stick to my arm, but when I got home and took a shower, I didn’t feel like I was donning a sad piece of lunchmeat, it felt like the same, clean, stiff watch band. It’s also much, much easier to take off wet than the leather because there aren’t any free or fixed loops to contend with.

You might be thinking without any loops, how does the strap stay tight with your wrist? Luckily, TYLT thought of this by allowing the end of the band to tightly snap into the nearest adjustment hole and make for a very clean look.

My only real complaint is that the silicone has a very high tendency to retain its shape. That means that it “wants” to be spread out flat, which can make things difficult when you only have one hand to make one end thread through the other.


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Overall, I found the TYLT watch band for Moto 360 to be an excellent addition to my wrist, especially on the days that I go to the gym. That said, for $30 I’m not sure I’d be willing to shell out for the difference in comfort on those days. If it were me, I’d probably wait until TYLT had a sale and then pounce. In addition to black, the bands come in blue, purple, and olive, all attractive colors, but I prefer my watch to match absolutely everything.

The band is marketed for the Moto 360, but I see no reason why you couldn’t stick it on any watch with a 22mm band (such as the LG G Watch).


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Starting Monday, June 22nd, 2015 we will be giving away four TYLT Watch Bands. Stay tuned to our Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus pages for more details.

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